Loan Options


Your ticket to a new home may be through one of these loan programs:

1.  Rural Development Loan- This loan is a 100% financing, and is available in several areas in Tennessee.    White County, Van Buren County and parts of Putnam County are eligible for this loan program.  Buyers can buy a home with little or no money out of pocket with competitive interest rates.

2.  FHA loan- Another popular loan program, as this loan is government-backed and can be obtained for as little as 3.5% down payment.  This loan is attractive to potential home buyers because qualification for this loan 
may be a bit easier than other loan programs.

3.  VA loan- Government guaranteed loans for eligible veterans, active duty personnel and surviving spouses.  Offers competitive rates, low or no down payments.

4.  Conventional loans- These loans are one of the most common home loans and are not backed by the US.   They still need to meet guidelines and usually require down payments of 5% or more.  These loans can be 
some of the easiest loans to close, and have some of the best interest rates.

How much house can I buy?

Here are some examples of what a payment amount would be on your next home….more affordable than you might think!

Purchase  Price
Interest Rate
Monthly Payment 
(principal and interest)*


*Monthly payment estimate does not include taxes and insurance.  

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